WhiteCap Provides Dental Implants for Patients In Salt Lake City, Heber City, Provo, and Park City, Utah

Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth, restore your smile, and your oral health. A single implant can be used to restore a single tooth, or multiple implants can be used to replace three or more teeth by supporting a bridge; thus eliminating dentures.

Dental implants for patients in Salt Lake City, Heber City, Provo, Orem and Park CityIf you live in Heber City, Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, or Park City areas – we would like you to choose WhiteCap for your dental implants and other oral surgery procedures. And, if you are currently wearing dentures or need dentures, you may qualify for discounted dental implants. Contact us at 435-657-2105 to see if you are a candidate for a comprehensive dental implant procedure a reduced cost.


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